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Artisans, local producers of all kinds,
offer your products on our platform.
Hotels, Campsites, Companies, Works Councils...
...we personalize all your gifts
with your brand and with local products.

Les Fadas of Marseille offer you gourmet products with authentic flavors via a platform of regional producers. Our mission is also to highlight the undeniable qualities of our local producers who do not always have the opportunity to have good visibility. Discover them, taste their products, know their history.


For everyone's pleasure, the selection is rigorous, ensured by the Fadas of Marseille tasting committee. According to what criteria?

  • Taste ;

  • The origin: Marseille of course! But also Provence, Corsica and Elsewhere...;

  • The quality of the ingredients: organic or sustainable agriculture;

  • Respect for health and well-being;

  • The respect of environment.

Producers, artisans, wine cellars... contact us to find out how to put your products on our platform for the attention of our customers

The Fadas of Marseille are sourcers, at your service. They are always looking for new products, hand in hand with those who advocate healthy, local food.


Companies, hotels, works councils...

We personalize your welcome gifts, end-of-year gifts or customer gifts to your brand...

Click to download our brochure...

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